Concealed zippers – All You Need to Know About Them

invisible zipper

An invisible nothing is one among the most effective fastenings to stitch into my vesture. The teeth area unit hidden on the incorrect aspect of the nothing, therefore all you see from the surface of the garment could be a delicate seam line. Gorgeous!

An invisible zipper could be a zipper with fine teeth. It’s seamed into a garment in such the simplest way that it makes the zipper invisible, hidden in a very seam. The sole half left visible is that the pull tab, which tends to be smaller or less obtrusive than alternative styles of zippers. No high handicraft is required in seaming invisible zipper.

An invisible zipper is usually utilized in formal wear styles of venture. It will not distract from the lines or flow of a robe, for instance.


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Concealed zippers aren’t accessible in as several length variations as general-purpose zippers. They’re additionally not accessible in as several colours however as a result of their hidden within the seam; a color that is shut is okay.

Special home appliance feet area unit required to stitch in Associate in Nursing invisible zipper, and they’re accessible wherever invisible zippers are sold-out. These feet hold the zipper coil so the handicraft is correctly placed to stay the zipper invisible.

Unlike an everyday zipper, once stitching invisible zipper, the seam is seamed when the invisible zipper is seamed. Confer with the directions before stitching the zipper space.

This is the sort of zipper used as a closure in most clothes. Dresses, skirts, slacks Associate in blouses area unit the sort of weight that need an general-purpose zipper because it tends to bend with a garment; a heavier variety of zipper would give a seam to bend or flow with the road of the garment.

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