Tips on Using Zippers in Designer Wear

Usage of zippers in designer wear is a trend that dates back to decades and is still in fashion. Designers and fashion garment manufacturers these days are using zips creatively to surprise buyers with their extraordinary and stylish outfits. In this article, I would like to explain a few handy tips on using zippers in designer clothing to make them look more attractive and chic: Continue reading “Tips on Using Zippers in Designer Wear”

How YKK Zippers Solves The Problem Of Jamming Zips..?

When we talk about Concealed zippers, jamming is the first issue that is being faced. The reason behind this problem is not just one but there are several other factors. First of all, the low quality of zips leads to jamming and breakage issues which make it difficult for the users to use these zips seamlessly. Because of counterfeit products being sold by various vendors, low quality zips are the only choice for the buyers. Secondly, the unavailability of customized zippers in terms of color, shape, size and material is a big issue. People have no options to use zippers as per their specific needs. Continue reading “How YKK Zippers Solves The Problem Of Jamming Zips..?”