Everything About Concealed Zippers: Why You Should Use Them?

Ever since the trend of designer wear has entered the market, there has been a lot of change in the way garments are designed and manufactured. From improved fitting to enhanced finishing, designer wear these days is no-less-than celebrity outfits. One of the key elements used in these ready to wear clothing for the high-fashion segment is concealed zippers.

Also known as Invisible zippers, these have the teeth behind the tape which is why they are called so. These days, the two popular categories are 2CC Concealed Knitted tape and 3CC Concealed Woven tape.

In this post, I am listing out a few characteristics of zippers used by designer boutiques and fashion stores:

  • They are easy to sew and insert beneath the fabric, so one never has to worry about zip showing out.
  • Because of their superior locking, they offer a quick and easy fastening system.
  • They come in variety of shades and sizes, giving you the freedom to choose accordingly.
  • Lighter lace-like fabric is used on the tape so that it blends in seamlessly with the garment stitching.
  • Commonly used in skirts, shirts, dresses, blouses, and several other designer outfits.

 If you’re looking for designer concealed zippers online in India, then you should definitely go for a reputed brand to get reliable quality at genuine price. You can buy YKK zippers online to get zippers according to your taste and requirements. The brand ensures superior standards for the manufacturing of these products. The added advantage is that you can receive the desired order at the comfort of your home and that too within short interval of time. So there’s no need to rely on local vendors as YKK zippers are just a few clicks away. Start browsing today!

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